Enjoy your music, refine your craft.

Regardless of your experience, interest, instrument, or age, the Community Music and Arts Center (CMAC) instructors, who include some of Chicago's finest professional musicians, will help you pursue your music. Our instructors encourage you to achieve your potential. Our focus is on providing quality music and arts education programs which draw on practice and theory which allows you to pursue making music in your living room or to pursue a diverse range of career options relating to the music and arts industries.

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LMU0115 - Elements of Music Composition
LMU0117 - Songwriting for Adults I
LMU0118 - Family Music with Kathy
LMU0119 - Piano Pleasure: All Levels
LMU0121 - Instrumental Literature
LMU0122 - Maqam Composition with Issa Boulos
LMY0030 - Music for Us: Toddlers
LMY0031 - Music for Me: Young Children
LMY0032 - Group Ukulele for Beginners
LMY0034 - Make Music on Your Computer I
LMY0035 - Solo Singing: Pop and Rock
LMY0036 - Solo Singing: Musical Theatre and Classical Voice with Ashley
LMY0037 - Broadway Musicals
LMY0038 - Act One! Broadway Musicals with Ashley
LMY0040 - Group Guitar: Continuing
LMY0041 - Group Piano for Beginners
LMY0042 - Group Piano: Continuing
LMY0043 - Bucket Drumming
LMY0044 - Beginning Group Violin with Edgar Gabriel
LMY0045 - Group Guitar
LMY0046 - Group Piano for Beginners I (Ages 6-9)
LMY0047 - Group Piano for Beginners I (Ages 9-12
LMY0048 - Group Piano for Beginners II (AGES 6-9)
LMY0049 - Group Piano for Beginners II (AGES 9-12)
LMY0050 - Jam, Record, and Perform Rock and Roll Camp
LMY0051 - Songwriting For Teens
LMY0052 - Summer Band
LMY0054 - Make Music on Your Computer II
LMY0060 - Music Fun, Activities & Games
LMY0064 - Kids on Broadway
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