Join our jam! Expand your skills and enjoyment with our ensembles.

Our vision is to nurture musicians, engage the community, and bring music within reach. In addition to offering private instrumental lessons and group classes, we offer a variety of ensembles. Click here to view our talented instructors' biographies.

HARPER’S BACK PORCH REVUE (LMU 0013): Join the ensemble that explores Americana music from the late 19th to the mid-20th Centuries: blues and country, old time, folk, gospel, and more. We welcome string instruments of all sorts: guitars, banjos, fiddles, ukuleles, bass, etc., as well as hand drummers and singers. Click here to view Harper's Back Porch Revue's concert videos.

WORLD MUSIC ENSEMBLE (LMU 0016): The World Music Ensemble combines Western and non-Western instruments to create unique interpretations of melodies through performing, composing, re-arranging, and improvisation. 

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