We offer a variety of opportunities for children and teens to have fun and learn music.

Ages 1-7:

Ages 8 to 17:


LMU0118 - Family Music with Kathy
LMY0029 - Youth Preparatory Piano Program 30 Minutes Private Lessons and 50 Minutes Group Sessions for 15 Weeks
LMY0031 - Music for Me: Young Children
LMY0032 - Group Ukulele for Beginners
LMY0033 - Build Your Electric Guitar
LMY0034 - Make Music on Your Computer I
LMY0035 - Solo Singing: Pop and Rock
LMY0037 - Broadway Musicals
LMY0040 - Group Guitar: Continuing
LMY0041 - Group Piano for Beginners
LMY0042 - Group Piano: Continuing
LMY0043 - Bucket Drumming
LMY0044 - Beginning Group Violin with Edgar Gabriel
LMY0046 - Group Piano for Beginners I Ages 6 to 9
LMY0047 - Group Piano for Beginners I (Ages 9-12)
LMY0048 - Group Piano for Beginners II (Ages 6 to 9)
LMY0049 - Group Piano for Beginners II (AGES 9-12)
LMY0050 - Rock and Roll Camp
LMY0051 - Songwriting For Teens
LMY0052 - Summer Band
LMY0054 - Make Music on Your Computer II
LMY0060 - Music Fun, Activities and Games
LMY0062 - High School Jazz Improvisation Workshop
LMY0063 - Harper College Community Band
LMY0102 - Sing with Me: Disney Songs
LMY0103 - Sing with Me: Modern Broadway Songs
LMY0105 - Vocal Technique for Singers
LMY0110 - Piano Together, a Friend/Partner Class
LMY0118 - Youth String Orchestra
LMY0119 - Suzuki Method Violin Group Class
LMY0120 - Youth Chamber Ensemble
LMY0121 - Group Piano for Beginners (Ages 8 to 11)
LMY0122 - Classical Guitar Power - Training Level I
LMY0123 - Classical Guitar Power - Training Level II
LMY0124 - Sing and Play Piano (Ages 4-6)
LMY0127 - The Choral Experience
LMY0129 - Latin and African Drumming
LMY0131 - Fiddle Violin For Kids
LMY0132 - Youth Brass Ensemble
LMY0133 - Musicology for Beginners
LMY0134 - Group Preparatory Strings, 50 Minutes For 15 Weeks