LLI0008 - Great Decisions Discussion 2024
LLI0084 - The Vatican: Part 2
LLI0214 - Fabergé Eggs: The Search for the Million Dollar Eggs
LLI0215 - Fabergé Eggs: Beauty, Tragedy & Blood
LLI0420 - Comedy Gold on the Silver Screen
LLI0562 - Operation Freedom The Berlin Air Lift 75th Anniversary Lecture
LLI0590 - The Amazing Code-Breakers of Geneva, IL
LLI0591 - Living Behind the Iron Curtain 
LLI0594 - Amazing Castles II - Legends, Lore, & More
LLI0599 - Day of Infamy Pearl Harbor Remembered
LLI0604 - Joseph Goebbels- The Man Who seduced a Nation
LLI0605 - Barbie The Doll
LLI0606 - The Duelists  Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton 
LLI0608 - The Moon Race Part 2 Project Gemini
LLI0610 - Unwrapping the Charms of German Christmas Tradition
LLI0611 - The Atomic Age and Its Chicago Beginnings
LLI0613 - Mission in Moscow - and St. Petersburg
LLI0622 - The History of Sears, Roebuck, and Company vs Amazon
LLI0623 - Roman Identity: Family, Religion and Law
LLI0624 - Roman Identity Family, Religion and Law
LLI0625 - The Master Builders - Gang, Gehry, Jahn, and Friends
LLI0627 - Presidents Everything you did not know
LLI0629 - What is Time and Why is it Always Measured by the Number
LLI0634 - Vatican City history Architecture Vast Art Collections Part 1
LLI0635 - Vatican City, Part 2
LLI0637 - The Parthenon and the Elgin Marbles
LLI0638 - Villains and Scalawags in our National Park Service
LLI0639 - First Around the World Douglas World Cruisers
LLI0650 - Fighting Back: Social Injustice in the Early Days of the AIDS Epidemic in America
LLI0655 - Greatest Natural and Constructed Stone Creations
LLI0658 - Frohe Weihnachten: Unwrapping the Charms of German Christmas Traditions
LLI0659 - Against the Odds: Jewish Refuge and Resurgence in Post- War Germany
LLI0660 - America and the Home Front in World War II
LLI0661 - Inside Frank Gehry Bedouin Tent
LLI0663 - America’s Greatest and Worst Generals
LLI0665 - The Unknown Frank Lloyd Wright
LLI0666 - Germany’s Liquid Bread: Refreshing Look at the History of Beer
LLI0667 - The Fabergé Egg: Worth Millions & Found in the Midwest
LLI0668 - Fabergé Eggs: The Tsar is Dead, Long Live the Tsar
LLI0669 - Fabergé Egg: There is No Problem 
LLI0671 - Native American Dwellings in our National Park System
LLI0672 - The Story of the Dickson Mounds
LLI0673 - The Alternative Education Movement of the 60s and 70s: Problems, Programs, and Impact
LLI0680 - What Makes a Roman, Roman
LLI0681 -  Aeneid and the Augustan Empire
LLI0682 - Weird and Wonderful Illinois
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