Course Description

Provides students with piano proficiency the opportunity to perform in a chamber music ensemble. Stresses sight reading and musicianship. Develops skills, musical understanding, and enjoyment. May be repeated up to a maximum of four credit hours. Requires the consent of the instructor Janice Razaq at jrazaq@harpercollege.edu. This course is a performance based course. Ensemble members are required to attend each class, to rehearse their assigned music between classes, to rehearse outside of class time with their partner(s) or other ensemble members. The goal is to present a concert at the end of the semester in the Performing Arts Center which is well rehearsed, musically and artistically satisfying, challenging, entertaining and cohesive. Another goal is to present music which is well rounded and diverse in musical style and range of difficulty. Each ensemble member is assigned music which requires effort and intense preparation but also gives satisfaction upon accomplishment. There is an audition requirement to take the course. There is no required text for this course. Ensemble members borrow Music Department music or books or occasionally use their own previously purchased music.

Course Outline

1. Perform in rehearsal and concert selected repertoire deemed appropriate by the instructor.
2. Demonstrate satisfactory progress through the semester as determined by the instructor.
3. Gain an understanding of techniques and repertoire appropriate to the student's ability and an awareness of how to proceed to a higher level.


Consent of instructor (jrazaq@harpercollege.edu) 847-925-6487

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