Course Description

In Rome, the Trajan Column and its carved capital letters, is the foundation of calligraphic studies still to this day. The classic proportions of many alphabets derives from these well-proportioned symbols that have become our calligraphic touch stone. Some scribes spend a lifetime studying these beautifully formed letters. In this class we’ll start our journey in Rome, and continue right up to modern time, using pencils and broad edged pens to learn these foundational, but very challenging letters.


Supply List
Pilot Parallel Pens (available as a very affordable set on Amazon)
Strathmore Drawing paper (Series 300 or 400,  9"x 12" or larger) or other similar 70-80 lb. practice paper
Straightedge or ruler the same size (or larger) than your practice paper
Black fine line marker (size .01 or .02) Sakura Pigma Micron or similar
Water jar
Few paper towels
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