Course Description

Rock Band Production & Recording is a one-semester course to help musicians write and arrange songs and record demos. If you have a song but can’t afford to make it sound professional, you’ll work with our best musicians and sound experts to record the song in our cutting-edge studio. Our instructors are all passionate songwriters from all backgrounds, just like you. What distinguishes us from other music schools is that we have professional musicians, instructors, producers, and engineers at the pinnacle of their industry and know how to create the best-sounding Rock music demos. Rock demos should have the same sound quality as a major label album when adequately recorded. Therefore, when you send your songs to labels, publishers, TV, radio, or film, they will hear first-rate production; so, the better your demo sounds, the more likely it will be picked up. You music register for the course as individuals; not as a band. During the application process, you'll have the chance to answer some questions and enter the band information. If you're not part of a band, you'll be placed with other musicians to form one. 

Course Outline

You will have 9 hours of instruction to help the band make one good song. Then you’ll have 6 hours in the studio to record the song, edit, mix, and master it.

During the registration process you'll be asked the following questions:
1- What instrument do you play 
2- How long have you played this instrument
3- Are you a beginner, intermediate, or advanced?
4- Are you currently part of the band? If so, what is the name of your group, and how many are you?
5- If you’re not part of a band, we may place you in one ourselves; is that okay? 
6- Do you have original songs? If so, how many?
7- What is your overall musical goal/ambition?


The Rock Band Demo Recording course is not currently open for enrollment, but we can arrange for any number of lessons you would like, click here for more information or contact Issa Boulos at iboulos@harpercollege.edu. If you’re a new student wanting to register for private lessons click here to fill out the new student form. If you would like us to notify you when enrollment opens, click and on the Request Information button below.

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