Course Description

In this course, you will learn how to post journal entries to the correct general ledger accounts impacted by each transaction. This course will show you how to make sure your general ledger balances at the end of each month by preparing an unadjusted trial balance. You will learn how to look for errors when you don’t balance, and how to determine to correct entries. After posting correcting entries and/or adjusting entries, you will verify debits and credits equal with an adjusted trial balance. This course also goes through the steps of performing monthly bank reconciliations.

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Course Outline

Unit 1

The General Ledger

What is the General Ledger

Why must the general ledger balance

Posting to the general ledger

Activity ~ Posting to The General Ledger

Unit 2

The Unadjusted Trial Balance

What is the unadjusted trial balance

Verify debit and credit balances

Finding errors

Activity ~ Find The Errors

Unit 3

Correcting Entries and Adjusting Entries

Determine correcting entries

Adjusting entries and how to prepare them

Posting correcting entries and adjusting entries to the general ledger

Activity ~ Preparing Entries and Posting to General Ledger

Unit 4

The Adjusted Trial Balance

Verify the accuracy of the adjusted trial balance

Prepare monthly bank reconciliations

Activity ~ Prepare a Bank Reconciliation

About Your Instructor:

Sharon deFonteny has a degree in Business Education with a concentration in Accounting and spent many years in Corporate America working in Accounting and Finance. For the past 5 years, she has created and taught online Business courses for Bucks County Community College.  Her experience in business, as well as experience in teaching, has allowed her to help people understand the Accounting and Finance process.  

Learner Outcomes

Course Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

· Post journal entries to the general ledger accounts

· Prepare an unadjusted trial balance

· Prepare any necessary correcting entries and adjusting entries

· Prepare an adjusted trial balance to verify general ledger balances

· Perform monthly bank reconciliations


Course Objectives

Students will understand the purpose of the general ledger and how to verify its accuracy.

· Students will learn how to find errors and determine the correcting entries.

· Students will understand each step necessary to the month end procedures.

· Students will be able to perform monthly bank reconciliations.

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General Ledger and Month End Procedures
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