Course Description

Expand your knowledge of Power BI Desktop to the highest level. This course focuses on the advanced capabilities of Power Query, Data Modeling and Reports. Check for data inconsistencies, design efficient queries, create proper relationships, and write DAX code to ensure reports update quickly and accurately. Add navigation and analytical features to your reports to enable consumers to analyze the results.

Course Outline

Unit 1

Power Query

-Utilize Column profile, distribution, and quality

-Perform fuzzy match

-Duplicate versus Reference queries

-Debug errors

Unit 2

Data Modeling

-What a Star Schema is

-Understand relationship types

-Manage relationships

Unit 3


-Understand contexts

-CALCULATE function

-COALESCE function

-Compute visual totals accurately

Unit 4


-Insert Objects

-Create Bookmarks


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Section Title
Advanced Power BI (Business Intelligence)
Online/Internet Based
Nov 02, 2020 to Nov 27, 2020
Course Fee(s)
Tuition non-credit $195.00
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For further information on this course, please contact Darby Lanpher at 847.925.6363

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