Course Description

Being able to write a good news story, press release or publicity notice is a skill that can set you apart in the workplace. Getting the word out is an essential activity for every organization. Acquire the skills good journalists have and learn how to craft a news story, press release or publicity notice that will get attention.

Course Outline

Unit 1
The Skills good journalists have
-What journalists know how to do
-How to think like your audience
-Kinds of publicity notices
-Keys to successful publicity notices
Unit 2
Writing a good news story
-The inverted pyramid
-The 5 Ws and H
-How not to bury the lead
-Writing a good headline for your story
Unit 3
Creating the Successful Press Release
-The press release format
-Quotes, how many to use, who to quote and how
-How and where to highlight your organization and contact
-Avoiding the direct sales pitch
Unit 4
Distributing Your Press Release
-Targeting media, journalists and audiences
-Email press releases
-Print press releases
-Getting attention

About Your Instructor

William A. Draves has been interviewed by and received publicity in such national publications as The New York Times, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, Fortune, Kiplinger’s, Advertising Age and many others. The son of a newspaperman, his first jobs were as a reporter for two daily newspapers, including The Milwaukee Sentinel. He writes news stories and press releases as part of his job.

Learner Outcomes

At the end of this course, you will:
  • Know the essential elements of news writing;
  • Have the knowledge skills to write a press release or publicity notice;
  • Be able to construct a news story using the inverted pyramid, 5 Ws, and other journalism techniques;
  • Know how to write a good headline and lead;
  • Have the skills necessary to distribute a news story or press release.


Course Objectives
  • Know the different kinds of publicity notices,
  • Learn the skills involved in writing a news story,
  • Know how a press release is constructed,
  • Take away the ability to create a successful press release,
  • Be able to write from a journalism and news perspective.

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Writing News and Press Releases
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