Geneva College Success Commercial Adult Degree and Graduate, by Ethel Alegria

Course Description

Do you wish to promote your business or brand and have people enjoy your videos and look forward to more? Do you want to be a filmmaker and entertain audiences? Then you understand that good storytelling is the key. Professional quality videos and films are not only about capturing better footage. In fact, capturing suitable footage for telling a story is what you will learn here. You’ll start by planning your production, continue to enhance your plot during the shoot, and then pursue the editing process.  If your goal is to create high-quality Youtube videos or film, this course will lay out the foundation of how to make your video editing workflow easy and seamless. You’ll need a camera or smartphone and Adobe Premiere’s useful tools. Students will shoot various styles of videos and explore how to turn them into structured and attractive stories using creative video editing techniques. You may bring in already made projects to work on during class. 

Any camera that can shoot video, with a microphone.
A computer or laptop for editing. Computers can't be really old, but don't need to be fancy and expensive.
Ability to use a PC or Mac at a basic level.

Who this course is for?
Anyone who wants to shoot videos, but has some, little, or no previous experience.
Anyone who wants to start, or has just started a YouTube channel, such as filmmakers, artists, musicians, businesses, etc.
Anyone who has been shooting video but need to learn how to create, organize, and tell stories effectively.
Anyone who has some experience shooting stills photos, but wants to move into making videos.

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