Course Description

If four people take a photograph of the same object, each will tell a different story. Discover how to make your photographs capture the story in your imagination by learning advanced techniques for exposure, lighting, composition, use of zoom lens, and photo software and printing. Students will develop a good understanding of how to utilize real-world photography concepts to improve their photography skills, thus improving the overall quality of their photos. Receive feedback on your work to help you develop your artistic skills. This course takes your photography skills to the next level. You’ll learn more intricate techniques, such as light painting and light trails. Students should bring any type of digital camera, phone, tablet, or a small digital point and shoot camera. Previous point-and-shoot photography experience is encouraged, but not required. Students will be able to do photo shoot assignments during class at different locations on campus and be able to show their work during in class critique and style sessions.


Course Outline

  Discover the creative aspects of photography 

  Enhance your understanding of camera functions

  Learn new techniques 

  Get acquainted with photography terms

  Express yourself 

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