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This private and group instruction bundle  consists of a combination of group and private instruction for children ages 6 to 15. Group lessons offer peer reinforcement, social interaction, ensemble experience and group activities. Private lessons provide the necessary individual attention for technical development and interpretive and expressive insights. By combining these two approaches you receive a comprehensive 15 week curriculum. Participate in one 30 minute private lesson and one 50 minute group lesson each week. Students are grouped according to age and level. Using the Celebrate Piano Method, developed by Dr. Cathy Albergo and Dr. Mark Mrozinski of Harper College, and the Celebration Series of intermediate through advanced literature, students learn music reading, rhythm, theory, listening skills, finger and hand development, improvisation and composition through fun classroom activities. Children progress through varied and progressive musical repertoire from leading contemporary and traditional classical composers.

Private and group instruction for all skill levels

Course Outline

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All private lessons are held at Harper College's main campus or online.

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The Youth Preparatory Piano Program is only offered during the fall and spring semesters. During summer, we offer other related alternatives. Please check our website at ce.harpercollege.edu and type LMY in the search box. You may continue private lessons as well and those will also be available on our website. We can arrange for any number of lessons you would like.  If you’re a new student wanting to register for private lessons click here to fill out the new student form by clicking here.  If you would like us to notify you when enrollment opens, click and on the Request Information button below. For more information, contact Issa Boulos at iboulos@harpercollege.edu.
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