Harper College Back Porch Revue - What Shall We Do With a Drunken Sailor - Harmonica Solo at 1:15 by Ray Kozul (One of David Kachalon's students)

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Join with others to make music in a fun, welcoming environment. We focus on the basics from producing single notes to understanding song form. Reading music is not required. You will learn basic harmonica chords, licks, and solo techniques while jamming together and receiving encouraging feedback and having fun socializing. You may repeat repertoire classes as needed. There are dozens of songs to learn at every skill level. Songs change from session to session. Students should bring a diatonic harmonica in the key of C. The Hohner Marine Band, Crossover, or Special 20 models are recommended. "If you can breathe, you can play," Joe Filisko.

David Kachalon


Ages 15+

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Our harmonica instructor David Kachalon on WCIU-TV Chicago:

"David Kachalon's Blues Harmonica class taught me more than I ever dreamt possible in a 8 week group class. I was taught how to tongue block, play the train, learn melodies and numerous songs. I couldn’t wait for the weekly class and what I would experience next. David offered positive critique in class and encouraged us to send him videos during the week for critique of our practicing before the next class. David is very knowledgeable on the harp, a proficient player, enthusiastic to teach others and such a positive influence in my blues harmonica journey." K. G.

"David is a truly amazing teacher who makes learning the harmonica lots of fun. His enthusiasm is contagious and he has a heart of gold." R.E.

"David is a five-star instructor and a credit to the Harper College CE music program. The class is fantastic!" P. K.

"I just began learning the harmonica in October, and David has really done an excellent job teaching the class. He is always prepared, he is willing to meet with us before class starts if we have a question or we want to play something we've worked on, and he performs professionally. I mention that because he's suggested that we take advantage of going to performances occurring all around us and has even encouraged us to perform with him. That's a pretty exciting and daunting proposition, especially for someone like me who had never played the harmonica prior to last October. His classes are friendly, and despite our mistakes when playing, David always encourages us while offering constructive feedback. Harper is fortunate to have him as an instructor." J. S.

"I want to review the Blues Harmonica class to say David is an incredible instructor. He keeps class fun, interactive, and so informative with his original and energetic teaching style. I hope you continue to offer this course as it has brought me so much joy, fun, and musical skills. I have taken his class 3 times now because it is so enjoyable." C. G.

"Extremely good representation of Blues Harmonica. Dave knows the Blues and is a accomplished player and singer .Harper college music program for the Blues is great ??" Paul Krueger

"David is a very very good teacher of the harmonica." P. F.

"David  makes learning the harmonica a fun, challenging and strengthening experience." M. H.

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Blues Harmonica Fundamentals
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7:00PM to 8:15PM
Jun 12, 2024 to Aug 07, 2024
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