Course Description

Join Harper's Study Abroad program and learn to analyze the structure and dynamics of human society through classroom study and 10 days of travel to London, accompanied by Harper College sociology and theatre professors. Attend a Shakespearean play at the Globe Theatre, a canal cruise, the Migration Museum, Westminster, and a London scavenger hunt. Visit neighborhood markets in Borough, Brick Lane, and Camden. You’ll examine the sociological concepts of gentrification, immigration, demographic and economic change, inequality, social movements, and civic disengagement. Enhance your learning with a cross-social comparison between the US and UK.

Course Outline

  • Discuss contemporary social problems and issues including:
    • racial and ethnic relations
    • sexism
    • class inequality
    • 10-day visit to London
    • attend a Shakespearean play at the Globe Theatre
    • take a canal cruise
    • visit the Migration Museum
    • visit Westminster
    • engage in a London scavenger hunt
    • visit neighborhood markets in Borough, Brick Lane, and Camden

Learner Outcomes

Upon successfully completing this course, you should be able to:
  • demonstrate an ability to think sociologically and to engage in complex and critical reasoning
  • demonstrate an understanding of the nature and consequence of social structure and culture
  • demonstrate an understanding of the centrality of stratification and inequality to social organization and outcomes
  • describe the interdependence and interconnectedness of world systems and their components
  • explain how race, class, gender and other categories of difference are socially constructed, flexible, and overlapping, 
  • explain how identities and their representations change over time; and/or how different identities intersect with one another and are shaped by power, privilege and systemic discrimination
  • demonstrate an understanding of race and racism in the US


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3. Make the program fee downpayment


There are no prerequisites.
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