Course Description

Whether you want to start writing or refresh your writing routine, this is the place to exercise your creativity. Each week, we’ll explore writing via a virtual walking tour, focusing on sensory awareness of each scenic location. You’ll develop your writing skills and learn to establish effective writing habits through observation, discussion, related readings, and writing exercises. There are no homework assignments except to continue your writing journey as you wish. All genres and experience levels are welcome. 


Course Outline

The Spring of 2024 term features Bora Bora, French Polynesia; Ashikaga, Japan; Santorini, Greece; Amsterdam, Netherlands; and Capri, Italy.



Ages 16+



"This class encouraged and instructed my writing in new ways. It added commitment, discipline, and improved techniques, all of which brought new levels of excitement into my writing practice. Thank you Professor Ehrke!" E. B.

"I took the Fiction Writer's workshop at Harper College. My instructor Laura Ehrke introduced me to a myriad of different questions writer's should be asking themselves while composing a story and she exposed me to short story writers who have been extremely influential on my writing. She imparted the tools needed to forestall stagnancy because it takes more than heart to translate the thoughts of one's head onto the page. She understands that growth comes from challenging yourself. And she teaches this in a calming, cheerful demeanor. Her lessons are an essential reason as to why I was accepted into Columbia College's Creative Writing Program for this upcoming Fall semester. Her course was my first writing class I had taken since I was in college and have no doubt she helped reacclimate me to the academics side of writing along with everything else I noted above." K. L.

"I've loved our classes--thank you!--you bring a lovely cheerfulness with you, and the materials and prompts you've provided have been stimulating to my writing. My friends and family have often heard me share in these recent weeks how excited I am with the progress I'm making in my writing because of the topics we discuss in class, the ways in which you present suggestions and ideas, and the accountability we have. I'm grateful that our class was small enough for the four of us to share the journey together! Every week, I've been thinking about our class discussions and looking forward to our next one. This class has been a wonderful experience and I'm so glad you offer it! Thank you for the rich trove of resources you've gathered and presented to us, thank you for the thoughtful feedback and questions you've offered during our workshop sessions, and thank you for the encouragement to stick with our writing and our characters. I'm so glad I was able to take part." K. H.

"I enjoyed the class and plan on utilizing the materials you provided us in the future. The pieces shared in the workshop are a great source for reading different styles of writing."


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