Course Description

This course covers the OSHA Permit-Required Confined Space Standard for both General Industry and Construction. Topics include confined space entry hazards, hazard evaluation, prevention, and abatement. It is designed for small employers or designated representatives responsible for developing a permit-required confined space program. Upon completion, students will have a basic understanding of confined space hazards, hazard evaluation and abatement, and the roles and responsibilities of attendants, entrants, and entry supervisors. They will also learn how to determine when a confined space should be classified as a permit-required confined space.

Course Outline

  1. Identify the scope, application and key definitions ?
  2. Recognize the hazards within a confined space?
  3. Identify safe entry conditions?
  4. Learn the requirements of a confined space program?
  5. Identify the duties for authorized entrants, attendants and entry supervisors?
  6. Explain training requirements?
  7. Discuss the types of confined space rescue and employer responsibilities?

Learner Outcomes

  • Be able to identify and classify confined spaces within the workplace

  • Identify possible hazards that may be found in a confined space

  • Know the OSHA rules, regulations and other industry standards relating permit required confined space

  • Understand and properly fill out a confined space permit

  • Identify the roles and responsibilities of the attendant, entrant and entry supervisor

  • Understand and apply the requirements of a confined space program

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Confined Space Hazards in Construction and General Industry
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