LLI members enjoy great discussions, innovative classes and new friendships.


LLI COVID-19 Update: In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the LLI program is offering most classes in an online format. We are proud to offer our dynamic new courses, below. Stay Safe and Healthy!

Lifelong Learning Institute (LLI) is an experiential and discussion learning program for mature adults. It offers you fresh, relevant and fun courses in a seminar format. That means no exams or homework – just spirited discussions, hands-on activities and new connections with lifelong learners just like you.

Learn in intimate groups led by distinguished Harper College faculty and experts in a variety of professional fields. Program leaders create engaging and innovative programs specifically for lifelong learners. Choose from a new group of featured seminar topics each semester.

Our Members Say It Best…

"I've enjoyed making time for Harper's Lifelong Learning Institute for several years now. As all retirees know, our days are filled with lots to do, and Harper gives us the added advantage of new ideas, programs, lectures and an opportunity to meet like-minded people. I consider the membership fee that the Institute charges one of the best investments I've made."

"I'm a member of Harper's LLI because I have always loved to learn new things in many different areas, especially history, music of all types, painting, sculpture and current events. LLI offers reasonably priced classes in these areas taught by interesting experts. It's a productive and fulfilling way to spend my time."

"Harper's Lifelong Learning program has been a great place to learn more about the things I'm interested in, to broaden my horizons, and to make new friends. I have really enjoyed the variety of courses. Now, if we only had a course about how to make more time in one's day!"

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What types of courses and activities does LLI offer?
LLI offers a mix of lectures, short-term courses, and seminars presented in media-equipped classrooms at Harper College and in some cases at partner sites across the Harper College District. In response to the pandemic, courses are currently being offered online only.

Are there homework assignments, tests, grades and other requirements?
LLI courses require no prerequisites, grades or exams. Some instructors may suggest reading certain texts and other materials for participants to gain full benefit from the class experience.

What do classes cost?
LLI course fees are designed to cover the direct costs of running classes, while being low enough to make it possible for fixed-income students and others to attend. Fees are listed after each course description in the catalog. Some courses carry the same fee for both LLI members and nonmembers, while most others are available to members at a discounted fee.

Where do LLI classes meet?
Currently, all courses are held online in response to the pandemic. Previously, LLI courses have been held at the Harper College main campus (1200 W Algonquin Rd, Palatine, IL 60067) and at LLI partner sites. Free parking is available at all LLI course locations.

Are classes or events ever cancelled?
Every effort is made to hold all LLI classes scheduled. However, a minimum enrollment is set for most classes, and a course will be cancelled if the minimum enrollment is not met.


LLI0216 - Easter Island and the Moai
LLI0219 - Archaeology Uncovers-Mystery of Atlantis
LLI0278 - Chicago's Historic Motor Row District
LLI0335 - Premier Speakers Series
LLI0340 - Supernatural Folklore of Chicagoland Cemeteries
LLI0341 - Gettysburg - The Battle and The Speech
LLI0343 - Chicago’s Modern Architecture Series: Helmut Jahn, “Flash Gordon”
LLI0344 - Elizabeth Cady Stanton
LLI0345 - Earth's Exotic Creatures
LLI0349 - Typhoid Mary
LLI0350 - Best National Park System Hikes – Vol. 1
LLI0351 - The Garlands
LLI0352 - THE BLACK DEATH - Florence and Siena: 14th Century Art
LLI0355 - America Dreamin’: 19th-Century Utopias
LLI0356 - Book Discussion: The Zealot and the Emancipator
LLI0357 - Germany, Angela Merkel, and the Impending Election
LLI0358 - Here I stand! The Life and Times of Martin Luther
LLI0360 - How We Got the Gospels: Who Wrote Mathew, Mark, and Luke?
LLI0361 - To Fast or Not: Evidence-based Science or New Nutritional scam?
LLI0362 - History of Chicago Candy Companies
LLI0364 - The Twilight Zone: Six Degrees of Separation
LLI0365 - "100 Days of War - Grant vs. Lee" and "Words of Lincoln"
LLI0366 - The Battle of Britain and D-Day
LLI0368 - Unusual Aircraft
LLI0374 - Mid-Century Cuisine: American Food Fads from the 1940s through the 1960s
LLI0375 - No Little Plans: The Roads of Daniel Burnham’s Plan of Chicago
LLI0376 - Nancy Drew: The History of America’s Favorite Teen Sleuth
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