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Understanding and speaking Spanish has become increasingly important in the job market. Many employees see these skills as a preferred or even a necessary job requirement. Proficiency in Spanish might give you that complete advantage as you seek your next job or promotion. Completion requirements: Conversational Spanish I, Conversational Spanish II, Conversational Spanish III, Conversational Spanish IV, Conversational Spanish Online and the online exam.


Conversational Spanish I

Conversational Spanish I is for beginners. Start with the alphabet, numbers and greetings to learn the essentials of pronunciation as well as basic grammar and vocabulary needed to greet people, talk about yourself and express needs. By the end of the course you will have some knowledge of the culture and should be able to speak at least 10 percent of your conversation in this language.


Conversational Spanish II

You are comfortable with some grammar and especially present tense. Now learn how to communicate what you have done via past tense. Build on your basic linguistic skills as you explore more topics related to life and travel. By the end of this course, you will possess an increase in ability to speak the language from 10 percent to at least 25 percent of your conversation.


Conversational Spanish III

In Conversational Spanish III we will focus on proficiency in past tense and begin to learn future tense. By the end of this eight-week course you will be comfortable in conjugating new words and you should be able to compare how your knowledge in the language grew from 25 percent to 45 percent of your conversation.


Conversational Spanish IV

Complete the lessons and build upon the fundamentals you’ve learned with longer dialogues and translations in Conversational Spanish IV. At the end of this course you should feel superior to your initial skill by now speaking at least 70 percent of the language during conversations.


Conversational Spanish Online

This online component of the Conversational Spanish Digital Badge incorporates quizzes, practice tests, writing and grammar exercises.


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