Earn a Screenwriting Digital Badge and prepare for today’s screenwriting market. Your digital badge in Screenwriting will allow you to demonstrate your qualifications to potential media networks and producers via an electronic résumé. You can also include your Badge icon on your printed résumé; add it to your LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or other social media profile; and add it to your email signature.

Successful screenwriters know that they can benefit from quality instruction. One of the best parts of the classroom experience is interaction with other writers to get feedback and perspective on your work. All CMAC’s writing program instructors are published authors who can help you get your words on paper or a screen and published or produced. Now you can earn a credential that will make you a better writer, help you understand how to assemble and sell your work, and prepare you to present your qualifications to others. We have designed the program to help you work on your writing skills and to obtain the skills necessary to succeed in today’s market, whether you are signing with a network or producing your script on your own.

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