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Art is used for self expression and fulfillment; a means to make one’s mark in the world. However, when art is employed to demand a CHANGE… it is when we have stepped into the realm of Protest Art. This course will focus on art as a means of protest, where images speak louder than words. What do you want to change in the world? You will use art to express your opinions and explore traditional and digital art practices in the course. Whether you’re fighting for social justice, equality, the environment, animal rights, or whatever you’re passionate about, this course will help you express yourself. Through lectures, you will learn about the essence of protest art and see samples of famous artworks, instructor demonstrations, and class group critiques. You will also learn about the foundation of compositions with the elements and principles of design and the gestalt laws, allowing you to create artworks that combine aesthetic qualities with conceptual meaning. Students may use acrylic paintings on canvas, collage art, sketchbooks, or software. The instructor will also provide individual assistance. 

Course Outline

This course will promote critical thinking and creative flexibility for every student. In each session, the instructor will discuss different protest artists and provide examples of their work. 
Week 1: Intro of class | Discussion of protest art and famous samples | Elements & Principles of Design and Gestalt laws | Choose your protest subject and decide two ways to discuss your topic | Begin sketching in sketchbook 
Week 2: Begin work on Project 1: Acrylic Painting 
Week 3: Class critique of Project 1 | Begin project 2: Collage Art
Week 4: Class critique of Project 2 | Begin project 3: Mixed Media  
Week 5: Class critique of Project 3 | Begin project 4: Digital Poster (recreate Project 1. Does the different media change the meaning?) 
Week 6: Class critique of Project 4 | Begin project 5: Digital Poster (recreate Project 2. Does the different media change the meaning?) 
Week 7: Class critique of Project 5 | Begin making Zine of all projects 
Week 8: Complete the Zines | Final thoughts and wrap up of class


Supply List: 
Acrylic Paint Set
Acrylic Brush Set
Glue Stick
X-acto Knife
22 x 32in white poster board 
Flash Drive 

Michaels Art Supply | Blick Art Supply | Wal-Mart | Amazon etc.


  • Angela Redmond
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The Art of the Protest: Aesthetics and Concepts
7:00PM to 9:00PM
Jun 05, 2023 to Jul 03, 2023
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Tuition and Fees non-credit $125.00
  • Angela Redmond
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No class on Mon, 19 Jun 2023, Juneteenth National Freedom Day

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