Course Description

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused unprecedented changes for many industries. As social-distancing practices are encouraged, many employers are asking their employees to work from home or employees are apprehensive about returning to the office. For some employees, working from home is business as usual. For others, this may be the first time they've telecommuted. This working arrangement may seem exciting at first, but it can lose its appeal over time, resulting in disengaged employees. And, when employees aren't engaged, their productivity and motivation can suffer. Keeping remote workers engaged and motivated doesn’t have to be complicated. Most of the motivational methods you currently use to inspire in-house employees can be applied to employees working from home as well. During this workshop, we will explore methods and techniques used for motivating and engaging remote employees.

Course Outline

  • Do employees have the tools & equipment to adequately perform?
  • Remote connection, collaboration tools, etc.
  • Remote work expectations
  • Remote work playbook
  • Communication
  • Keeping employees updated
  • Virtual team meetings
  • Individual one on one meetings
  • Virtual social events
  • Coffee breaks
  • Lunch n share
  • Fun virtual meetings
  • Virtual water cooler space
  • Virtual Employee Recognition
  • Create Kudos channel
  • Virtual celebrations
  • Virtual social interaction
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Engaging Remote Workers
Online: With Live Meetings
6:00PM to 8:00PM
Apr 13, 2022
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Tuition non-credit $65.00
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