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Some workers have returned to a central location, some might drop in sometimes, and some haven’t come back at all. But here is what we do know: Whenever you do come back to an office, what you see will not be exactly as you remember it. There are workers who can’t wait to go back to go back to the office, others who worry when they’ll be asked to stop working from home, and those who would like to mix it up — some days in the office, some days remote — in a post-COVID world. No matter their preferences, many don’t know what their organization’s policy will be.

Employers are still figuring that out and when it’s safe to head back to offices, the question remains: What has this forced WFH experiment shown us about the future of work? How can you ensure that employees feel safe when they return to the office? How can you protect workers for the spread of COVID-19? During this course, we will address these questions and provide some tips/suggestions for a safe return to the office.

Course Outline

  • COVID Vaccines
  • Should the organization consider a policy for vaccinations
  • Should vaccines be voluntary
  • Will the organization require all employees to be vaccinated before returning to the office
  • Preparing employees to return to the office
  • Pre-planning meetings and communications
  • Employee Surveys: Prior to returning to the office - get employee feedback
  • Reconfiguring workspaces
  • Distancing workstations, collaboration tools, directional signage
  • Safety protocols – face coverings, limiting in person meetings
  • Pre-screening for all office employees
  • Options for lunch/food deliveries
  • Cleaning protocols
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Safely Returning to the Office – After COVID
Online: With Live Meetings
6:00PM to 8:00PM
Mar 16, 2022
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