Course Description

Learn how to deal effectively with others in antagonistic situations. Discover how to reduce tension or conflict. Review how to effectively settle disputes by focusing on solving the problems at hand—without offending egos. Evaluate the feasibility of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms. Understand the essentials of effective conflict resolution; Practice communication techniques to improve relationships; Learn how to communicate clearly and compassionately.

Course Outline

  • Conflict Defined
  • Identify types of conflict styles
  • Learn how to identify needs and issues
  • Techniques for moving toward agreement
  • Understanding Conflict
  • Develop a deeper understanding of how conflict unfolds
  • Manage your emotions
  • Engage others constructively
  • Identify and Apply Conflict Behaviors
  • Using styles to manage conflict: avoiding, accommodating, competing, compromising and collaborating
  • How managing conflict well opens up opportunities
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Conflict Resolution Strategies
Online: With Live Meetings
6:00PM to 8:00PM
Mar 09, 2022
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Tuition non-credit $65.00
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