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Take your knowledge of marketing to a new level. These concepts are what the best marketers use for designing marketing strategies that improve performance and return. Gaining these advanced marketing concepts will enable you to develop more effective marketing campaigns and results. 

Forget the fads, dump the buzz words. Come away with an advanced level of proven marketing knowledge you will start using on Monday morning, and every week thereafter. Acquire expertise in R,F & M Analysis. Understand the 80/20 Principle and the impact of price on sales.


Course Outline

Unit 1

Analyzing Customer Purchasing and Demographics

R,F & M Analysis

Calculating Customer Lifetime Value

Key Demographics to collect, and why

The 80/20, AIDA, and 3-30-3 Principles

Unit 2

Pricing to Improve Profit Margins

Market pricing, price points and listing prices

Clustered versus diversified pricing

Price increase, and decrease, impact on sales

Raising prices: guidelines for when, and how

Unit 3

Your Seven Primary Market Segments

Boston Consulting Group’s Stars & Dogs

Repeat customers versus new customers

Determining your seven primary market segments

Strategic marketing by market segment

Unit 4

The Top 10 Advanced Marketing Concepts

The 5 marketing experts you need to know, and why

Researching marketing best practice

The best marketing books

The top ten advanced marketing concepts you must know

William A. Draves has more than 40 years experience in marketing, including traditional print marketing and online marketing. As the field of integrated marketing has emerged, he researched and studied some 25 different marketing delivery methods in putting together an Integrated Marketing Model. He has edited, The Marketing Manual, and its six editions, starting in 1984. He has studied under some of the great marketers in the last several decades, including Philip Kotler, Anver Suleiman, Rene Gnam, and Paul Franklin.

He currently designs and executes digital, print, and integrated marketing campaigns that include catalogs, flyers, post cards, email, website design, and video.


Learner Outcomes

After attending this course, you will:

  • Have a more indepth understanding of advanced important marketing concepts that are the foundation for improving marketing results.

  • Be able to apply advanced marketing concepts to the practical how-to practice of creating marketing pieces, both digital and print.

  • Increase your confidence about the effectiveness of your own marketing work.

  • Know how to provide the rationale and customer behavior reasons behind successful marketing strategies and why they work so well.

  • Possess the knowledge to apply the best practices to marketing campaigns and efforts.

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Advanced Marketing Concepts
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Sep 06, 2022 to Sep 30, 2022
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