Course Description

Join the next great revolution in transportation technology with Duckietown! Duckietown is the non-threatening autonomous vehicle learning platform developed at MIT where rubber duckies are the pedestrians. Understand the terminology and technology behind self-driving cars. Write real code to control your Duckiebot robot car. Learn control theory, machine learning, computer vision, and more. By the end of the camp, you will understand how these different disciplines work in concert to allow a car to drive itself and have fun competing against your fellow campers.

Course Outline

0. Welcome to the course

1. Introduction to self-driving cars

2. Towards autonomy

3. Modeling and Control

4. Robot Vision

5. Deep Learning

6. Object Detection

7. State Estimation and Localization

8. Planning

The students will participate in a Lane Following competition by the end of the program.

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