Course Description

Learn how to lead individuals on your team effectively by conducting ongoing performance appraisals; delivering helpful and instructive feedback, training, and coaching; and designing and implementing performance standards. Develop talent within your team by employing effective performance-management strategies on the job. Cultivate the skills necessary to motivate your employees and give you essential performance-management skills. General end-user computer, Microsoft Office and Internet skills recommended.

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Committing to Employee Motivation
Recognize the Importance of Motivation
Assess Employee Motivation Levels

Lesson 2: Motivating Employees
Communicate Effectively
Clarify Expectations
Establish Meaningful Professional Goals
Provide Effective Feedback
Choose Rewards or Recognition

Lesson 3: Developing Self-Motivation in Employees
Encourage Self-Motivation
Create a Sense of Employee Ownership
Provide Development Opportunities through Mentoring
Build a Sense of Accomplishment
Encourage Enthusiasm

Lesson 4: Establishing a Foundation for Performance Management
Identify Performance Management Elements
Elicit Engagement
Onboard New Employees
Develop Talent

Lesson 5: Optimizing Employee Performance
Assess Available Talent Via Interviews
Determine Individual Performance Goals
Discuss Performance Appraisals

Lesson 6: Creating Performance and Development Plans
Initiate a Performance Plan
Create an Improvement Plan for Performance Problems
Create a Development Plan for Career Growth

Learner Outcomes

  • Commit to employee motivation
  • Motivate employees
  • Develop self-motivated employees
  • Establish a foundation for performance management
  • Optimize employee performance using performance-management strategies
  • Create employee performance and development plans
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