Course Description

This class is designed for any skill level who would like a better understanding of texture, treatment, light, and shade. We will be using Acrylic paints in this class. Students will pick one of their favorite outdoor locations, like a barn, a garden, a log cabin, patio furniture whatever your desire as an outdoor scenery. We will start with the summer season painting, and gradually change the next to fall, then winter, and then spring season.

We are going to use one image outline and repeat the same image on all four canvases for all four seasons. The idea is to understand how the imagery, colors, texture, light, and shades change according to the season. In this class, we will be tracing the same image on 4 different canvases with transfer paper onto the canvas. You will get to take home 4 complete paintings of all four seasons of summer, fall, winter, and spring. Every painting will be completed in 2 classes.

Supply List:

Acrylic Paint sets - Recommended brands: Golden, Grumbacher, Liquitex, Winsor & Newton. Extra white paint is always useful. Or any other highly pigmented generic brand if you are trying out the class only.

Brush: Type Synthetic for both Acrylic and Oil. (Be aware when buying brushes the identification label for each medium) - Recommended brands: Grumbacher, Winsor & Newton, Galeria, Royal and Langnickel, Princeton, Le Mans, Davinci. Or any good quality Arts and crafts store brand to keep your cost lower. Quantity: 1 Flat, 1 Round, 1 Filbert, 1 detailing. You can also buy a set of brushes that come with different shapes and thicknesses.

Canvas: Sizes either 7x5 or 8x10 inch mini canvas.

Palettes or mixing tray. Rag for cleaning brushes. Two plastic cups for water. Apron. Graphite Pencil Series HB for tracing, and one graphite transfer sheet and Eraser.

Supply Store:

Michaels the craft and art Store. (If you buy at Michaels remember to download Michaels Application in your mobile and look for a discount coupon)

Hobby Lobby (if you buy at Hobby Lobby remember to download Hobby Lobby Application in your mobile and look for a discount coupon)

Course Outline

While you learn the fundamentals of painting with acrylic, you will be creatively challenged to develop your skills. If you are a beginning student, you will be working with Acrylic paints a very easy and forgiving medium. Our instructor uses an individualized approach to teaching which stresses the demonstration and practice of the techniques needed to achieve your desired result. Some understanding of drawing and painting is required.

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