Course Description

Sous Vide describes the cooking of raw ingredients in heat-stable, vacuumed pouches at precise temperatures. With traditional techniques, there’s a narrow window of time in which your food is prepared just the way you like it. But Sous Vide allows anyone to create perfect food that’s healthy, easy to prepare and ready at their convenience. This course will teach students to consistently produce restaurant quality food with improved flavor and texture using the sous vide technique. May be taken as credit: FSM299-C70.

Learner Outcomes

1. Explain the concepts and importance of the sous vide cooking process.

2. Describe the function and usage of various bags and vacuum pack protocols.

3. Recognize the appropriate environment for keeping food safe.

4. Understand the protocols of temperature regulation for different types of foods.

5. Describe the steps involved in preparing various recipes using the sous vide technique.

6. Set up and control a sous vide water bath.

7. Use sous vide to make creative restaurant quality dishes.

8. Troubleshoot basic food safety, temperature regulation and cooking accuracy problems.

9. Produce a variety of recipes using the sous vide technique.


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