Course Description

Learn to cultivate intentional and skillful ways to be present more deeply and fully in your life through thoughts, feelings, and body sensations as they arise. The program will include guided instruction in mindfulness and awareness practices, mindful movements to cultivate body awareness, small and large group inquiry and discussion, and an exploration of your ability to live mindfully and compassionately with yourself, in your relationships, and your work environments.

Course Outline

• Introduction to Mindfulness: includes grounding meditation, explaining mindfulness, mindful eating, body scan

• Be Right Where You Are: Mindfulness of breathing, listening and talking

• Storytelling Minds: Mindful walking, mindfulness of sound

• Cultivating Kindness: Loving-kindness for others and self, RAIN, how to working with challenging emotions

• Willingness to Be with Things as They Are: Walking meditation with loving-kindness

• Moving Forward: provide support for ongoing formal and informal practice

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