Course Description

What does it mean to have an eye for photography? Is it something that comes naturally, or can you develop it through attention and direct experience? Asides from simply taking pictures, our way of seeing the world lets us recognize situations, composition, subject matter, light quality, patterns, shadows, textures, juxtapositions, moments in time, and we then put these elements together to create images that communicate something deep inside of us. To share with others our own distinct impression of the world. Completion of Beginning Photography or Intermediate Photography or equivalent knowledge is recommended prior to registration.

Course Outline

Week 1
Telling A Visual Story With Photographs Looking At Photographs
In Depth Discussion On Composition The Perspective Of Vision
Assignment: Create a thought-out photograph and explain the composition

Week 2
The Value/Importance Of Learning About Photographic History (Images) Introduction To The History Of Photography (Images And Styles) Photography As Art
Photography As Journalism
Assignment: Create a journalistic photograph

Week 3
Techniques For Developing A Personal Vision Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone Familiarizing Oneself With Composition
 Finding Beauty Manipulating Aspect Ratio
Assignment: Create an image out of your comfort zone

Week 4
Utilizing Planning And Intent In Creating Images Capturing The Decisive Moment
Slowing Down When Photographing Learning To See With The Camera
Assignment: Create a black and white photograph

Week 5
Developing A Format For Shooting
Becoming Skillful In Having Images Communicate What You Wanted To Express Knowing Yourself What You Want To Express
Understanding A Scene Before You Photograph It. Assignment: Selfie

Week 6
If On An Assignment, How To Photograph What The Client Wants How To View A Scene By Light, Composition, Subject, Etc Knowing When Not To Take A Photograph
Assignment: Photograph a “client based” photograph

Week 7
Working With Lenses
Attention To The Quality Of Light Photography In The Age Of Photoshop Assignment: Create a photograph about light

Week 8
Manipulating and correcting images in Photoshop Class critique of student’s work
Review of class material

Learner Outcomes

Alternative and Ongoing Assignments:
Assignment; Utilize f/stops, shutter speeds, ISO, and lenses to show effects

Assignment: Create a visual photo story (choose a vital subject, let the viewer understand what the subject matter is, focus specifically on the subject, utilize a minimum of three images, maximum of seven, make sure it tells a story).

Assignment: Create a disturbing photograph, create a photograph that depicts a mood, create a portrait that has universal appeal

We will be taking photographs as part of the learning to see the photographic process throughout the course. This work is an integral part of the course

A critical key to making photographs is our way of “seeing” or our “vision.” Sometimes, we can think and put to work what we would understand to make a great picture, sometimes, we have to take a series of images to figure it out, and sometimes it comes naturally. It is developing this natural, organic way of making photographs that we will explore in this course.

Developing a keen photographic eye is a talent. But, like any talent, it can be learned if the photographer makes an effort to acquire the necessary perceptive skills and practice, practice, practice.

The final Assignment due last class is a completed printed photograph



To be exempt from any of these prerequisites, please submit samples of your work or portfolio to iboulos@harpercollege.edu for consideration. You may also mail the samples along with a letter to:

Issa Boulos
Coordinator, Community Music and Arts Center
Harper College, Continuing Education
1200 West Algonquin Road (Room C216)
Palatine, IL 60067


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