Course Description

In this introductory course, you will learn how to style web pages using Cascading Style Sheets, CSS, coding language. Topics include using inline, internal, and external CSS, web typography, formatting text, working with web colors, using Google fonts, working with id and class selectors, working with elements, creating page layouts using elements and CSS box model.



Course Outline

Unit 1
Getting to Know CSS: about CSS, CSS syntax, CSS types, working with internal CSS, styling text, styling links, styling lists, and styling tables.
Unit 2
Using External CSS:
working with external CSS sheets, styling a multi-page website, Google fonts, and Web colors.
Unit 3
div Elements: id Selectors, introduction to
elements, floating
elements, Clearing Unwanted Floated Elements, web page layout using
Unit 4
More about div Elements: centering a web page, CSS box model, resetting margins and paddings, class selectors, inline CSS, tag

About Your Instructor

Andy Helmi is a graphic and website designer, technical consultant and an online marketing specialist located in Vancouver, BC, Canada. His education background includes over ten years of academic training in electronic/computer engineering, graphic and web design, music and digital photography. Andy’s professional experience in digital media started in 1996. He has worked for a few companies and also has been running his own freelance design business ever since. Andy also has passion for teaching. He is an Adobe certified instructor and has completed “BC Instructional Skills” certification. He has been developing courses/programs and teaching at several local colleges and universities including Vancouver School Board, Vancouver Community College, Langara College and Kwantlen Polytechnic University.

Learner Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this workshop students should be able to:
· Style HTML web pages using CSS
· Style text, lists, links and tables using CSS
· Apply inline, internal and external CSS styling
· Work with div elements
· Modify CSS box model properties
· Create web page layout using div elements
· Work with id and class selectors
· Work with web colors and web fonts


Course Objectives

· Styling text using CSS

· Working with web colors and web fonts
· Working with inline, internal and external CSS
· Working with div elements
· Understanding id and class selectors
· Understanding CSS box model

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CSS Fundamentals
Online-Self Paced
Apr 04, 2022 to Apr 29, 2022
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Tuition and Fees non-credit $245.00
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