Course Description

If you wish to communicate technically with programming teams or wish to code a bit yourself, this course is for you. Most programming languages have many similarities. Knowing what’s common between all programming languages will help non-programmers communicate more efficiently with programmers and help aspiring programmers get started or transition into a new programming language.

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About Your Instructor

Marcus Lander has been building web applications since 1996 and has been a technical trainer since 1999. He has facilitated many software courses, programs and manuals over the years and his preferences tend to lean towards web application development and design.

Course Outline

Unit 1: Variables
• Variable Names
• Actions
• Examples
Unit 2: Control Structures
• Sequential
• Selection
• Repetition
Unit 3: Data Structures
• Dictionaries
• Sets
• Hash tables
• Queues and stacks
• Links and linked lists
• Trees and graphs
Unit 4: Syntax
• Functionality and readability
• Whitespace
• Keywords
• Statements
• Operators

Learner Outcomes

Course Outcomes
• To provide you with a solid understanding of programming concepts such as variables, functions, objects and flow.
• To address the relationship between the user and the program.
• To gain a knowledge of data, the interaction between the end user the program and the data and the technologies used to organize data.
• To explore the numerous programming environments, libraries, frameworks and technologies commonly used for programs on all platforms.


Course Objectives
• Be able to understand what’s common among all programming languages;
• Know the basics of programming
• Be better able to communicate more effectively with programmers
• Position yourself for career advancement with the basic knowledge of programming and your learned skills in working with programmers.

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Online/Internet Based
Oct 05, 2020 to Oct 30, 2020
Course Fee(s)
Tuition non-credit $195.00
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For further information on this course, please contact Darby Lanpher at 847.925.6363.

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