Course Description

Learn to code your own web page and understand the relationship between HTML & CSS. Hands-on training walks you through the purpose, meaning, and proper structure of these foundation front-end languages. Topics include internet and website basics, commonly used HTML tags and CSS declarations, and industry standard best practices. Prerequisite: Must be comfortable typing at least 15 words a minute.

Course Outline

HTML & CSS Introduction

  • What is HTML
  • Basic HTML structure and terminology
  • Creating a basic HTML web page
  • What is CSS
  • Basic CSS structure and terminology
  • CSS resets
  • Adding CSS to a web page

Further into HTML

  • What does semantically meaningful mean?
  • Common HTML elements
  • Block vs Inline elements
  • HTML Comments
  • Text based elements
  • Building block elements
  • Encoding Special Characters
  • Hyperlinks

Further into CSS

  • The cascade
  • Specificity
  • Descendant selectors
  • Common CSS property values
  • Color values
  • Units of measurement

The CSS Box Model

  • The display property
  • The Box Model defined
  • The border property
  • The box-sizing property
  • In-browser developer tools


  • Adding color to text
  • Common font properties
  • CSS pseudo-classes
  • Further into font properties
  • Web fonts
  • HTML elements for citations and quotes


  • Unordered lists
  • Ordered lists
  • Description lists
  • Nesting lists
  • Styling lists

Tips & Best Practices

  • HTML & CSS tips and best practices


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Introduction to HTML & CSS
Online/Internet Based
6:00PM to 9:15PM
Sep 14, 2020 to Oct 05, 2020
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