LLI0008 - Great Decisions Discussion
LLI0219 - Archaeology Uncovers-Mystery of Atlantis
LLI0278 - Chicago's Historic Motor Row District
LLI0340 - Supernatural Folklore of Chicagoland Cemeteries
LLI0341 - Gettysburg - The Battle and The Speech
LLI0343 - Chicago’s Modern Architecture Series: Helmut Jahn, “Flash Gordon”
LLI0344 - Elizabeth Cady Stanton
LLI0345 - Earth's Exotic Creatures
LLI0347 - Hidden Memory: An American Story
LLI0348 - Lyndon B. Johnson: The Accidental President
LLI0349 - Typhoid Mary
LLI0350 - Best National Park System Hikes – Vol. 1
LLI0352 - THE BLACK DEATH - Florence and Siena: 14th Century Art
LLI0353 - PLAGUES AND PESTILENCE: The Black Death versus COVID-19
LLI0355 - America Dreamin’: 19th-Century Utopias
LLI0356 - Book Discussion: The Zealot and the Emancipator
LLI0357 - Germany, Angela Merkel, and the Impending Election
LLI0360 - How We Got the Gospels: Who Wrote Mathew, Mark, and Luke?
LLI0367 - Searching the Internet:  Safety & Security 
LLI0368 - Unusual Aircraft
LLI0373 - Archaeology of Northern Illinois
LLI0374 - Mid-Century Cuisine: American Food Fads from the 1940s through the 1960s
LLI0375 - No Little Plans: The Roads of Daniel Burnham’s Plan of Chicago
LLI0376 - Nancy Drew: The History of America’s Favorite Teen Sleuth
LLI0378 - 12 Things that Make Life on Earth Possible
LLI0380 - Chicago Dance Halls and Music Venues
LLI0382 - American Christmas & New Year Traditions
LLI0384 - An Easy Method to Become the Family Historian
LLI0392 - A Woman called Harriet