InZone returns to campus.

We are very excited to see so many happy InZone campers returning to campus. At InZone, our focus is on safe, educational and most importantly fun summer learning opportunities for ages 6-14.

This year's program will consist of nine one-week camps through August 14. There is an opportunity for everyone at InZone with classes offered on-campus and online. We can't wait for you to be part of InZone this summer.

Welcome Packet

Please read our welcome packet for important program notes.


  • COVID-19 Safety Guidelines
  • Pick-up and Drop-off Location
  • Contact Information
  • Map

Participant Waiver Needed for On Campus Programs

Participating in InZone programs on campus this summer? Please make sure to submit your participant waiver for each child attending InZone.

The waiver should be submitted prior to attending camps.

If you have any further questions, please contact the InZone Nurse, Margaret Haug at or 847.925.6454. We look forward to seeing you on campus soon.

COVID-19 Self-Screening Procedure

Students attending InZone on-campus, please take your temperature at home every day before arriving.

Do NOT come to campus if your student has any of the following symptoms per the CDC:

  • Fever above 100.4F or chills
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle or body aches
  • Headache
  • New loss of taste or smell
  • Sore throat
  • Congestion or runny nose
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Diarrhea

Do NOT come to campus if you are not fully vaccinated and have had close contact with anyone that has tested positive for COVID-19 or someone experiencing symptoms.

If you do not have any of the above, you must follow the mask and social distancing guidelines on-campus.

On-Campus Course Scheudule

Registration for in-person summer camps is OPEN.

Please note: Many InZone courses are offered with a choice of on-campus or online options. Please be sure you register for the type you prefer.




LKD0003 - American Sign Language
LKD0005 - Girl Power: Technology for Girls
LKD0008 - Fashion Design: Bermuda Fantastic
LKD0010 - Harry Potter: First Year
LKD0011 - Clayology
LKD0016 - Improv Games
LKD0017 - Adventures In Robot Building
LKD0018 - Pokémon: Mastering the Card Game
LKD0021 - Design the City of the Future
LKD0023 - A Matter Of Chemistry
LKD0025 - Film Acting Camp-Quiet on the Set
LKD0027 - Stars of the Stage
LKD0028 - My Dream Room: Designing Indoor Spaces
LKD0036 - Construct a Critter
LKD0038 - Checkmate Chess
LKD0042 - Build Your Own Doll House
LKD0043 - Coding and Game Design
LKD0044 - Math Edge
LKD0046 - Minecraft Modders
LKD0048 - Innovative Robot Building
LKD0050 - Creative Coding
LKD0052 - Harry Potter: Second Year
LKD0054 - Duct Tape Art
LKD0058 - Young Architects: Frank Lloyd Wright
LKD0059 - Crime Scene to Courtroom: Order in the Court
LKD0061 - Crochet Plushies
LKD0066 - Let's Code It: Digital Design
LKD0071 - Biotechnology
LKD0074 - 3D Printing Through Stem
LKD0075 - 3D Printing Through Art
LKD0076 - 3D Printing and Aerospace Engineering
LKD0077 - IDEAShop: Build Your Own 3D Printer
LKD0079 - Young Architects: Modern Design
LKD0080 - Young Architects: Glass House
LKD0085 - Python Programmers
LKD0086 - Roblox: Coders and Entrepreneurs
LKD0087 - Virtual Reality: The Future is Now
LKD0091 - 3D Printing and Harry Potter
LKD0092 - On the Case: Detective Fiction
LKD0093 - Step Into Tolkien's World: Lord of the Rings
LKD0094 - Adventures in Knitting
LKD0101 - Crafting with Nature
LKD0104 - Python Coding
LKD0105 - Pre-Algebra Edge
LKD0111 - Minecraft Pillows
LKD0121 - Fun in the Sun
LKD0122 - Photoshop
LKD0124 - Awesome Appetizers
LKD0125 - Be Your Own Artist
LKD0126 - Bones and Blood
LKD0127 - Bountiful Breakfasts
LKD0128 - Cupcake Canvas
LKD0129 - Holiday Treats
LKD0130 - Pasta Power
LKD0132 - Comic Book Creations
LKD0136 - CSI: Observe, Collect and Inspect
LKD0139 - Origami
LKD0140 - All About Astronomy
LKD0141 - Bake It, Take It
LKD0144 - Harry Potter: Third Year
LKD0145 - Advanced Sew Fantastic
LKD0146 - InZone Cafeteria Attendance
LKD0147 - Making Documentary Films
LKD0153 - Coding: Augmented Reality
LKD0154 - Coding: Animation Studio
LKD0160 - Cookies, Bars and Breads
LKD0164 - Spa-tacular Sewing
LKD0165 - Sew Comfy
LKD0167 - Weave it, Achieve it
LKD0168 - Make Your First Fortnite Style Video Game
LKD0169 - YouTube Streamers and Gamers
LKD0171 - Roblox Makers
LKD0173 - Young Architects: Vila Victoria
LKD0180 - Coding with Drones
LKD0181 - The Amazing Voyage Through STEM Camp
LKD0182 - InZone Junior Explorers
LKD0183 - Fashion is the Passion
LKD0186 - 3D Printing with Minecraft
LKD0189 - American Sign Language Expressive
LKD0191 - Coding for Real Life Applications
LKD0192 - Java Coding
LKD0193 - Python Coding: The Next Level
LKD0195 - Sewing Circuits
LKD0196 - Peace, Love and Macrame
LKD0197 - Let’s Code It: Create a Website
LKD0204 - Minecraft: Redstone Engineers
LKD0205 - Design a Mario Kart Style Game
LKD0222 - Summer Reading: Catch-up, Keep-up and Get-ahead
LKD0224 - Stand Up and Sketch Comedy Creation
LKD0231 - InZone Online Holiday Cooking: Halloween 
LKD0233 - InZone Online Cooking: Winter Holidays
LKD0235 - Code Breakers
LKD0236 - JavaScript Developer Jam
LKD0237 - Make Your First Video Game
LKD0245 - Harry Potter: Storytelling and RPG
LKD0246 - Let's Build It: Robotics
LKD0247 - Let's Build It: Snap Circuits
LKD0248 - IDEAShop: Arduino Programming Powered by TechGirlz
LKD0249 - IDEASHOP: Girls in Engineering Powered by TechGirlz
LKD0250 - IDEAShop: Become an Entrepreneur Maker
LKD0251 - IDEAShop: Artificial Intelligence, the Mind in the Machine
LMK0042 - IDEAShop: Self-Driving Cars with Duckietown Powered by Nvidia
LMY0114 - Group Piano All Levels and Make Music on Your Computer I
LMY0115 - Group Piano All Levels and Point and Shoot Photography I
LMY0116 - Group Guitar All Levels and Point and Shoot Photography I
LMY0117 - Group Piano All Levels and Group Guitar All Levels
LPK0001 - Chicago Cubs Baseball Camp
LPK0003 - Harper Coaches Track Camp
LPK0006 - Harper Coaches Basketball Camp: Boys
LPK0009 - Harper Coaches Softball Camp
LPK0010 - Harper Coaches Baseball Camp
LPK0013 - Harper Soccer Coaches Camp
LPK0015 - Multi-Sports and Game Play
LPK0017 - Before and After Care
LPK0020 - Harper Coaches Volleyball Camp
LPK0021 - Harper Coaches Basketball Camp: Girls
LPK0022 - Basketball League and Game Play
LPK0024 - InZone Swim and Sports Camp
LPK0026 - Basketball: Skills and Competition