InZone returns to campus.

We are happy to announce that InZone will be returning to in-person camps in 2021. On-campus programming will begin June 14 and will run through August 13. Classes will be offered in a one-week format with morning and afternoon options meeting for 3 hours each day, Monday-Friday. The number of classes available and enrollment capacity limits will be enforced.

On-Campus Course Listing

Registration for in-person summer camps is OPEN.

Additional information will be posted on this page as it becomes available.

Please note: Many InZone courses are offered with a choice of on-campus or online options. Please be sure you register for the type you prefer.


LKD0003 - American Sign Language
LKD0005 - Girl Power: Technology for Girls
LKD0008 - Fashion Design: Bermuda Fantastic
LKD0010 - Harry Potter: First Year
LKD0011 - Clayology
LKD0016 - Improv Games
LKD0017 - Adventures In Robot Building
LKD0018 - Pokémon: Mastering the Card Game
LKD0021 - Design the City of the Future
LKD0023 - A Matter Of Chemistry
LKD0025 - Film Acting Camp-Quiet on the Set
LKD0027 - Stars of the Stage
LKD0028 - My Dream Room: Designing Indoor Spaces
LKD0036 - Construct a Critter
LKD0038 - Checkmate Chess
LKD0042 - Build Your Own Doll House
LKD0043 - Coding and Game Design
LKD0044 - Math Edge
LKD0046 - Minecraft Modders
LKD0048 - Innovative Robot Building
LKD0050 - Creative Coding
LKD0052 - Harry Potter: Second Year
LKD0054 - Duct Tape Art
LKD0058 - Young Architects: Frank Lloyd Wright
LKD0059 - Crime Scene to Courtroom: Order in the Court
LKD0061 - Crochet Plushies
LKD0066 - Let's Code It: Digital Design
LKD0071 - Biotechnology
LKD0074 - 3D Printing Through Stem
LKD0075 - 3D Printing Through Art
LKD0076 - 3D Printing and Aerospace Engineering
LKD0077 - IDEAShop: Build Your Own 3D Printer
LKD0079 - Young Architects: Modern Design
LKD0080 - Young Architects: Glass House
LKD0085 - Python Programmers
LKD0086 - Roblox: Coders and Entrepreneurs
LKD0087 - Virtual Reality: The Future is Now
LKD0091 - 3D Printing and Harry Potter
LKD0092 - On the Case: Detective Fiction
LKD0093 - Step Into Tolkien's World: Lord of the Rings
LKD0094 - Adventures in Knitting
LKD0101 - Crafting with Nature
LKD0104 - Python Coding
LKD0105 - Pre-Algebra Edge
LKD0111 - Minecraft Pillows
LKD0121 - Fun in the Sun
LKD0122 - Photoshop
LKD0124 - Awesome Appetizers
LKD0125 - Be Your Own Artist
LKD0126 - Bones and Blood
LKD0127 - Bountiful Breakfasts
LKD0128 - Cupcake Canvas
LKD0129 - Holiday Treats
LKD0130 - Pasta Power
LKD0132 - Comic Book Creations
LKD0136 - CSI: Observe, Collect and Inspect
LKD0139 - Origami
LKD0140 - All About Astronomy
LKD0141 - Bake It, Take It
LKD0144 - Harry Potter: Third Year
LKD0145 - Advanced Sew Fantastic
LKD0146 - InZone Cafeteria Attendance
LKD0147 - Making Documentary Films
LKD0153 - Coding: Augmented Reality
LKD0154 - Coding: Animation Studio
LKD0160 - Cookies, Bars and Breads
LKD0164 - Spa-tacular Sewing
LKD0165 - Sew Comfy
LKD0167 - Weave it, Achieve it
LKD0168 - Make Your First Fortnite Style Video Game
LKD0169 - YouTube Streamers and Gamers
LKD0171 - Roblox Makers
LKD0173 - Young Architects: Vila Victoria
LKD0180 - Coding with Drones
LKD0181 - The Amazing Voyage Through STEM Camp
LKD0182 - InZone Junior Explorers
LKD0183 - Fashion is the Passion
LKD0186 - 3D Printing with Minecraft
LKD0189 - American Sign Language Expressive
LKD0191 - Coding for Real Life Applications
LKD0192 - Java Coding
LKD0193 - Python Coding: The Next Level
LKD0195 - Sewing Circuits
LKD0196 - Peace, Love and Macrame
LKD0197 - Let’s Code It: Create a Website
LKD0204 - Minecraft: Redstone Engineers
LKD0205 - Design a Mario Kart Style Game
LKD0222 - Summer Reading: Catch-up, Keep-up and Get-ahead
LKD0224 - Stand Up and Sketch Comedy Creation
LKD0235 - Code Breakers
LKD0236 - JavaScript Developer Jam
LKD0237 - Make Your First Video Game
LKD0245 - Harry Potter: Storytelling and RPG
LKD0246 - Let's Build It: Robotics
LKD0247 - Let's Build It: Snap Circuits
LKD0248 - IDEAShop: Arduino Programming Powered by TechGirlz
LKD0249 - IDEASHOP: Girls in Engineering Powered by TechGirlz
LKD0250 - IDEAShop: Become an Entrepreneur Maker
LKD0251 - IDEAShop: Artificial Intelligence, the Mind in the Machine
LMY0114 - Group Piano All Levels and Make Music on Your Computer I
LMY0115 - Group Piano All Levels and Point and Shoot Photography I
LMY0116 - Group Guitar All Levels and Point and Shoot Photography I
LMY0117 - Group Piano All Levels and Group Guitar All Levels
LPK0001 - Chicago Cubs Baseball Camp
LPK0003 - Harper Coaches Track Camp
LPK0006 - Harper Coaches Basketball Camp: Boys
LPK0009 - Harper Coaches Softball Camp
LPK0010 - Harper Coaches Baseball Camp
LPK0013 - Harper Soccer Coaches Camp
LPK0015 - Multi-Sports and Game Play
LPK0017 - Before and After Care
LPK0020 - Harper Coaches Volleyball Camp
LPK0021 - Harper Coaches Basketball Camp: Girls
LPK0022 - Basketball League and Game Play
LPK0024 - InZone Swim and Sports Camp
LPK0026 - Basketball: Skills and Competition