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InZone program response to the COVID-19 pandemic: In addressing the safety of the public, Harper College has determined it will not be offering any in person classes on campus during the summer semester.


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Note: course information in our catalog is subject to change. Please check classes online for the latest course information.

QUESTIONS: For questions regarding the registration process, please call Continuing Education registration desk at 847-925-6300 between 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Monday-Friday or email us at ce@harpercollege.edu.


LKD0003 - American Sign Language
LKD0005 - Girl Power: Technology for Girls
LKD0015 - Kitchen Clash
LKD0016 - Improv Games
LKD0020 - Lift Off Engineering
LKD0021 - Design the City of the Future
LKD0028 - My Dream Room: Designing Indoor Spaces
LKD0038 - Online Checkmate Chess
LKD0042 - Build Your Own Doll House
LKD0043 - Coding and Game Design
LKD0044 - Math Edge
LKD0046 - Minecraft Modders
LKD0050 - Creative Coding
LKD0054 - Duct Tape Art
LKD0058 - Young Architects: Frank Lloyd Wright
LKD0059 - Crime Scene to Courtroom: Order in the Court
LKD0080 - Young Architects: Glass House
LKD0085 - Python Programmers: Make Your Own Multiplayer Game
LKD0086 - Roblox: Coders and Entrepreneurs
LKD0087 - Virtual Reality: The Future is Now
LKD0088 - Code Your Own Adventure
LKD0104 - Python Coding
LKD0105 - Pre-Algebra Edge
LKD0107 - Messy, Icky, Gooey Art
LKD0125 - Be Your Own Artist
LKD0127 - Bountiful Breakfasts
LKD0128 - Cupcake Canvas
LKD0129 - Holiday Treats
LKD0130 - Pasta Power
LKD0132 - Comic Book Creations
LKD0136 - CSI: Observe, Collect and Inspect
LKD0141 - Bake It, Take It
LKD0154 - Coding: Animation Studio
LKD0155 - Fantastic Beasts and How To Make Them, Year 1
LKD0156 - Fantastic Beasts and How To Make Them, Year 3
LKD0160 - Cookies, Bars and Breads
LKD0161 - From My Head To-ma-toes
LKD0168 - Make Your First Fortnite Style Video Game
LKD0169 - Youtube Streamers and Gamers
LKD0170 - Video Game Animation
LKD0171 - Roblox Makers
LKD0173 - Young Architect: Vila Victoria
LKD0182 - InZone Junior Explorers
LKD0186 - 3D Printing with Minecraft
LKD0187 - Fizz Wizard
LKD0188 - Design Squad
LKD0189 - American Sign Language Expressive
LKD0190 - Our Phenomenal First Ladies
LKD0191 - Coding for Real Life Applications
LKD0192 - Java Coding
LKD0193 - Python Coding: The Next Level
LKD0197 - Let’s Code It: Create a Website
LKD0201 - Into The Magical Wild
LKD0202 - The Art of Optical Illusions and Deception 
LKD0203 - The Games of Witches, Wizards and More
LKD0204 - Minecraft: Redstone Engineers
LKD0205 - Design a Mario Kart Style Game
LKD0206 - Inventor’s League: Prototyping for the Future
LKD0210 - Digital Learning with Google
LKD0211 - Build a Website with Google Sites
LKD0212 - Digital Citizenship and Safety
LKD0214 - Art Exploration
LKD0215 - Read It, Paint It
LKD0218 - 3D Printing with TinkerCAD
LKD0219 - Let's Code It: STEM
LKD0220 - YouTube® Content Creators
LKD0221 - 3D Game Design with Unity 
LKD0222 - Summer Reading: Catch-up, Keep-up and Get-ahead
LKD0223 - Art Is All Around Us
LKD0224 - Stand Up Comedy for Kids
LKD0225 - Poet and You Know It
LKD0226 - Creating Your Own Short Stories
LKD0227 - Play and Performance Breakdown
LKD0228 - Pokémon® Masters: Designers & 3D Makers Unite
LMY0032 - Group Ukulele for Beginners
LMY0034 - Make Music on Your Computer I
LMY0035 - Solo Singing: Pop and Rock
LMY0036 - Solo Singing: Musical Theatre and Classical Voice with Ashley
LMY0037 - Broadway Musicals
LMY0039 - Group Guitar for Beginners
LMY0040 - Group Guitar: Continuing
LMY0041 - Group Piano for Beginners
LMY0042 - Group Piano: Continuing
LMY0053 - Smartphone Filmmaking
LMY0054 - Make Music on Your Computer II
LMY0055 - Point and Shoot Photography I
LMY0056 - Point and Shoot Photography II
LMY0060 - Music Activities & Games
LMY0098 - InZone Orchestra with Edgar
LMY0100 - Solo Singing