InZone is bringing the fun to you online.

InZone offers online and in-person courses for Summer 2021. Our instructors developed exciting online programs that provide children with new learning opportunities rooted in the traditional InZone program philosophy of learning while doing, interacting in a safe comfortable virtual setting. InZone's online courses are listed in the Summer 21 CE catalog. Registration for online courses is open now.

QUESTIONS: For questions regarding the registration process, please call Continuing Education registration desk at 847-925-6300 between 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Monday-Friday or email us at

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Please note: Many InZone courses are offered with a choice of on-campus or online options. Please be sure you register for the type you prefer.


LKD0003 - American Sign Language
LKD0005 - Girl Power: Technology for Girls
LKD0016 - Improv Games
LKD0021 - Design the City of the Future
LKD0028 - My Dream Room: Designing Indoor Spaces
LKD0038 - Checkmate Chess
LKD0042 - Build Your Own Doll House
LKD0043 - Coding and Game Design
LKD0044 - Math Edge
LKD0046 - Minecraft Modders
LKD0050 - Creative Coding
LKD0054 - Duct Tape Art
LKD0056 - Do It Yourself Picasso
LKD0058 - Young Architects: Frank Lloyd Wright
LKD0059 - Crime Scene to Courtroom: Order in the Court
LKD0080 - Young Architects: Glass House
LKD0085 - Python Programmers
LKD0086 - Roblox: Coders and Entrepreneurs
LKD0087 - Virtual Reality: The Future is Now
LKD0088 - Code Your Own Adventure
LKD0089 - Make a Multiplayer App
LKD0104 - Python Coding
LKD0105 - Pre-Algebra Edge
LKD0124 - Awesome Appetizers
LKD0125 - Be Your Own Artist
LKD0127 - Bountiful Breakfasts
LKD0128 - Cupcake Canvas
LKD0129 - Holiday Treats
LKD0130 - Pasta Power
LKD0132 - Comic Book Creations
LKD0136 - CSI: Observe, Collect and Inspect
LKD0141 - Bake It, Take It
LKD0153 - Coding: Augmented Reality
LKD0154 - Coding: Animation Studio
LKD0155 - Fantastic Beasts and How To Make Them, Year 1
LKD0160 - Cookies, Bars and Breads
LKD0168 - Make Your First Fortnite Style Video Game
LKD0169 - YouTube Streamers and Gamers
LKD0170 - Video Game Animation
LKD0171 - Roblox Makers
LKD0173 - Young Architects: Vila Victoria
LKD0182 - InZone Junior Explorers
LKD0186 - 3D Printing with Minecraft
LKD0189 - American Sign Language Expressive
LKD0191 - Coding for Real Life Applications
LKD0192 - Java Coding
LKD0193 - Python Coding: The Next Level
LKD0197 - Let’s Code It: Create a Website
LKD0201 - Into The Magical Wild
LKD0202 - The Art of Optical Illusions and Deception
LKD0204 - Minecraft: Redstone Engineers
LKD0205 - Design a Mario Kart Style Game
LKD0206 - Inventor’s League: Prototyping for the Future
LKD0207 - Minecraft® Designers 
LKD0220 - YouTube® Content Creators
LKD0221 - 3D Game Design with Unity 
LKD0222 - Summer Reading: Catch-up, Keep-up and Get-ahead
LKD0225 - Poet and You Know It
LKD0228 - Pokémon® Masters: Designers & 3D Makers Unite
LKD0234 - App Attack!
LKD0235 - Code Breakers
LKD0236 - JavaScript Developer Jam
LKD0237 - Make Your First Video Game
LKD0238 - Minecraft Animators
LKD0239 - YouTube FX Masters
LKD0240 - Virtual Art Experience
LKD0241 - Virtual STEM Experience
LKD0242 - Virtual Amigos
LKD0243 - Virtual Actors and Performers
LKD0244 - You're the Scientist
LMK0040 - IDEAShop: Python Programming for AI
LMY0032 - Group Ukulele for Beginners
LMY0034 - Make Music on Your Computer I
LMY0035 - Solo Singing: Pop and Rock
LMY0036 - Solo Singing: Musical Theatre and Classical Voice with Ashley
LMY0037 - Broadway Musicals
LMY0039 - Group Guitar for Beginners
LMY0040 - Group Guitar: Continuing
LMY0041 - Group Piano for Beginners
LMY0042 - Group Piano: Continuing
LMY0053 - Smartphone Filmmaking
LMY0054 - Make Music on Your Computer II
LMY0055 - Point and Shoot Photography I
LMY0056 - Point and Shoot Photography II
LMY0060 - Music Fun, Activities & Games
LMY0098 - InZone Orchestra with Edgar
LMY0100 - Solo Singing
LMY0102 - Sing with Me: Disney Songs
LMY0103 - Sing with Me: Modern Broadway Songs
LMY0104 - My Favorite Playlist - Junior
LMY0105 - Vocal Technique for Singers
LMY0106 - My Favorite Playlist
LMY0107 - Jazz Piano Workshop
LMY0108 - Summer Piano Camp
LMY0110 - Piano Together, a Friend/Partner Class
LMY0111 - Sonata / Sonatina Workshop
LMY0114 - Group Piano All Levels and Make Music on Your Computer I
LMY0115 - Group Piano All Levels and Point and Shoot Photography I
LMY0116 - Group Guitar All Levels and Point and Shoot Photography I
LMY0117 - Group Piano All Levels and Group Guitar All Levels